PLC Arts Academy at Scottsdale

                    Through the integration of the arts and technology,

                    AASC provides students the building blocks to be life-long learners

                    understanding their responsibility in the global community.

Arts Academy at Scottsdale prides itself on having an outstanding curriculum, high test scores, an outstanding arts program, and excellent teachers. We recognize that children progress at their own rate; therefore, our approach to the educational process lends itself to a child's readiness to learn. Children are exposed to material presented using a number of teaching techniques and materials. We believe the success of our students comes through our vision, which includes:

    *  Individualized and small group instruction

   * High academic achievement

   * Broad based curriculum

   * Hands-on activities

   * Music, Art, Drama, and P.E./Bodies in Motion programs for all grades

   * Computer lab

   * Social and emotional development

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We believe that what Arts Academy at Scottsdale offers is a comprehensive program that provides a safe and nurturing environment while maintaining high expectations for all students.